11 August 2017


"You are still breaking my heart and you don't even know. If you read this entry, it is for you. Many months have passed and I still cannot get over for what we went thru. After what you did, I told myself: "Just forget this stupid-egomaniac guy like this" but my feeling towards you remain. You do not realize this but my heart burst because of you and you hurt me without you knowing it."
I have found a good man, much better than you but he cannot shake my heart like you did. He gives his all to me: love, patience, care. I have tried to accept him and it works for a few months but then all turns to shit when I start to distance myself because I do not want to hurt him because of my feeling for you. Can you please tell me that you hate me so I can hate you more and I can love him with my heart content because he loves me with all his heart? I hate this "still" feeling towards you.

You have learnt your lesson. I gave you double shit and pain. You started to ask around about me and yes, you know how does it hurt, isn't it?