30 June 2013

A lesson to cherish

I went to Rumah Titian Kasih, Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. It is sort of volunteering thingy. When I step my feet in the house, of course there were many children. But I do not expect there were single parents, abused victims and OKU. Yes we did a few activities such as chicken dance, drawing, do a talk and eat together with them. Some of them are too hyper, deaf and cannot talk but still they got excited for the activities and it is a relief :) One of them *cannot remember his name* cried when he do not get a chocolate. Haha for me it is just a simple thing to handle. Alhamdulillah i can manage the kids because I have little brothers and sisters.

For the first time I can hold a baby. Aww too excited! She is just one month old. Her name is Shahida. Cute baby. But too bad because I do not have the opportunity to take a picture with her.

Meet Bella! Outstanding, gorgeous little kiddo. She stick to me till the end :*

Mak Pah, who owned the organisation, take me to the kitchen to help her tidy up the kitchen but she changed her intention. She brought me to meet some one. Ya Allah. I'm about to cry at that time when I met that young lady.

I asked that young lady, 36 years old, some question, well kinda interview laa. She is partially paralyzed. She got beaten by her husband, a clerk. She got beaten every time when her husband came back from work. Her left eye became blind and her left side's body paralyzed. During her young age, before she got paralyzed, she is a English teacher and teaching at primary school. She further her studies at Maktab Perguruan. And now she became partially paralyzed.

Those kiddo :)
*Kerol*Tuan Syahir*Ziqri*Tuan Hidayat*Tuan Fahmi*En Hafiz*Sara*Nadiah*Fara*Abu*Idan*

A few old ladies that cannot walk. Bella's brother which is mentally handicapped. Most of the children were abandoned. Wife that got beaten. Looking at them made me think that I should cherish with what I got. I am so bad because I do not know how to thank Allah for the fortune that He gave to me. I am the chosen one to see people's difficulties so that I can learn how to cherish my life. Do cherish yourself! :)